Vickers Wellington Mk. IC


27 O.T.U.

Crashed 17:07:42.


The aircraft  belonging to No.27 Operational Training Unit had taken off from Lichfield on a night navigation exercise.  The Wellington crashed on Rudd Hill near Sheffield.

All on board survived, but with injuries of varying severity.


The crew were:



    ?                               Sergeant                  T F  THOMPSON                            Pilot    


    ?                               Pilot Officer              J W  MOORE                                  Navigator    


    ?                               Sergeant                  J H  LEVETT                                   Wireless Operator  


408163                         Sergeant                  K J H  HARRIS               RAAF        Air Gunner  


411053                         Sergeant                  J H  RODEN                  RAAF        Air Gunner                          





Sadly, several crewmembers were to be lost on Operations later in the War - More information here

The very small remains of Z8980 on Rudd Hill.

What wreckage remains, is however quite interesting.

Visible in this photo are:  Window frame channeling,  Battery terminal, motor armature.  Buckle from parachute harness, and instrument parts.

The flat, rusty parts scattered about are 'E' and 'I' laminations from one of the aircraft's transformers.


Z8980 - Small1 Z8980 - Small2