Vickers Wellington Mk. VI


  A & A.E.E.

Crashed 12:07:42.

The aircraft  was an experimental machine fitted with a pressurised cabin for high-altitude recconnaisance operations.  On Sunday, 12 July 1942, W5795 was having its cabin pressurisation systems checked; whilst cruising at 32500 feet, a section of one of the propeller blades sheared off, penetrating the cabin, causing loss of pressure and possibly incapacitating the pilot. The aircraft broke up during its dive to earth, debris falling over a wide area between Derby and Ilkeston.  Sadly, there were no survivors.


The crew were:



37651          Squadron Leader           C L F COLMORE                           Pilot                                                (Aged 29)


650284        Flight Sergeant              R P GILLOTT              RAFVR        Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner      (Aged 22)


123492        Pilot Officer                    K RADFORD               RAFVR        Air Gunner                                     (Aged 27)


755349        Flight Sergeant              A J SMITH  DFM          RAFVR       Observer                                        (Aged 23)


                         Civilian                      C V ABBOTT BSc                          Flight Test Observer                       (Aged 23)


W5795 - BDSmall1

W5795 at Boscombe Down.   (RAF Museum)

W5795 Small2

Wreckage was spread in a track (south-east to north-west) between the villages of Dale Abbey and Ockbrook.

The main wreckage (centre section, cupola and fuselage) fell to earth here.  

The photo is looking towards where the tail unit came down.

W5795 Small3

The Memorial Plinth in St. Andrews Church, Stanley, near Ilkeston.  

The photo was taken during the dedication ceremony on 11th July 2004.