Vickers Wellington Mk. IC



28 O.T.U.

Crashed 30:01:43.


The Wellington had taken off at 19:24 from Wymeswold, near Loughborough on a "Bullseye" exercise.

At around 01:45 it crashed onto Birchen Bank Moss, above Longdendale.




The crew were:


88241               Flight Lieutenant         A W  LANE       RAFVR        Pilot                                      (Aged 24)  (Killed)


131769             Pilot Officer                 C D  BROWN    RAFVR        Bomb Aimer/ Air Gunner      (Aged  ? )  (Killed)


1380943           Sergeant                     R G  ROUSE    RAFVR        Air Gunner/ Instructor           (Aged 22)  (Killed)


      ?                 Pilot Officer                          GRISDALE                   Navigator                                 (  ?  )      (Injured)


      ?                 Sergeant                              MILLER                        Air Gunner                               (  ?  )      (Injured)




28 O.T.U. lost another aircraft this night; Wellington R1538 crashed at Cellarhead, near Stoke-on-Trent claiming two lives, while 27 O.T.U. lost one of their Wellingtons, X3941 crashing in Darley Dale, also with the loss of two lives.

The very small remains of R1011 on Birchen Bank Moss.

A close-up of the small memorial plaque at the crash site.

R1011 - Small1 R1011 - Small2