Vickers Wellington Mk.IC


28 O.T.U.

Crashed 03:02:44.


The aircraft  belonging to No.28 Operational Training Unit had taken off from Wymeswold on a cross-country navigation exercise.  The aircraft encountered engine problems just after take off and the decision was taken to return to base.   Whilst turning, it  clipped a tree and crashed on farmland, just to the South of Hoton.  Despite the aircraft catching fire, all 7 crew members escaped injury.


The crew were:


Flying Officer   J  R  Wilson   (Pilot)



Unfortuately, the Operational Record Book for 28 O.T.U. does not name the rest of the crew.

N2764 Crash Site
N2764 001 N2764parts

Crash site of N2764;  the aircraft clipped the tree in the background.

Some of the parts found with the aid of a metal detector.


Sutton Harness fittings (left), Pipe connectors (bottom right),  Unknown parts (top right).


If  you can identify  the unknown parts, please feel free to contact us!