Fairey Swordfish


751 Naval Air Squadron

Fleet Air Arm

Crashed 25:01:40


The aircraft  was on a ferry flight from  RAF Silloth to RNAS Ford, during

which it crashed at Heydon Head, killing the pilot.  The aircraft was missing for a month, and was found by a worker clearing snow from the Holmfirth Road, just over a mile away.





Sub Lieutenant     GERALD V. WILLIAMSON,     Pilot    



In the 1970s, much of the aircraft still remained at the site,  as can be seen in the excellent 'Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 1 & 2' by Ron Collier; sadly much of this aircraft, including the engine, has now vanished.


The site lies in close proximity to several others;  a  R.C.A.F. Sabre, two RAF Meteors, and across the Holmfirth Road, a U.S.A.A.F. Liberator.

P4223 - Small1 P4223 - Small2

The remains of P4223 in a gully at Heydon Head.

A view back down the moor towards the Holme Moss T.V. Transmitter.