Short Stirling Mk. III


1654 HCU

Crashed 21:07:44

The aircraft was on an exercise from Wigsley, practising 2- and 3-engine flying.  During the exercise, the aircraft strayed off track and flew into the ground at Upper Commons, Peak District, near Sheffield.



The crew were:


Pilot Officer                                                  L  GARDINER                               Pilot  


Sergeant                                                      J  COULSON                                Bomb Aimer / Air Gunner ( Injured )


Sergeant                                                      J  GITTINGS                                 Flight Engineer  -  Instructor


 Sergeant                                                         McDONALD                              Navigator


 Sergeant                                                    T  BURROUGHS                            Wireless Operator   ( Injured )


 Sergeant                                                         LUDLOW                                  Flight Engineer


 Sergeant                                                         AUSTIN                                     Air Gunner


 Sergeant                                                     L  Van NIERKIRK                          Air Gunner  ( Injured )


 Flying Officer                                              J  O’LEARY                                   Flying Instructor


 Squadron Leader                                           HADLAND                                                    ?




In January 2005 the larger parts were recovered by The Stirling Project.  

The crash site ( prior to the recovery ) is visible on Google Earth.

LJ628 - Small1

The main wreckage collection;  most of the wreckage in this photo was recovered by The Stirling Project.

LJ628 - Small2

Myself  beside one of the main wheels.