Short Stirling

LJ450  UG-F

1654 HCU  

Crashed 12:04:44

The aircraft was on an night exercise from Wigsley,  combined with bombing practise on the ranges south of Lincoln.  Whilst over the ranges, the aircraft was intercepted and shot down by a Messerschmitt Me.410 of 2/ KG51, crashing 01:25 at Hill Top Farm, Caythorpe, narrowly missing the farm cottages. Miraculously, four crew managed to parachute to safety.


The site today is marked by a memorial plaque, and is covered by a small copse.



The crew were:


 Flight Sergeant           J J G  NICHOLSON        Pilot                   ( Killed )


 Sergeant                     DURHAM                       ?


 Sergeant                     J E  LOWE                    Navigator           ( Killed )


 Sergeant                     G J  LEWIS                   Bomb Aimer       ( Killed )


 Sergeant                     HOWELL                      ?


 Sergeant                     ROWLAND                   ?


 Sergeant                     HAMILTON                    Air Gunner


 Sergeant                     K L  MacFARLANE       Air Gunner         ( Killed )


LJ450 Crash Site
LJ650b LJ650c

Today, the crash site is covered by a small copse, which was allowed to grow over it.  The memorial plaque can be seen in the centre of the photo.

Taken from the same position as the previous photo, it can be seen that the farm cottages had a lucky escape.