RB-29A Superfortress

44-61999  "Over Exposed!"

16th PRS 91 RS  

Crashed 03:11:48

The aircraft , named "Over Exposed!", was on a flight from RAF Scampton to the US Air Depot at Burtonwood.  Due to the cloud which covered most of the U.K. that day, the flight was carried out on instruments ( IFR = Instrument Flying Rules.) Having judged that they were clear of the high ground, the crew started the descent into Burtonwood.  Unfortunately, while descending through cloud '1999' struck the ground close to Higher Shelf Stones, near Glossop and was completely destroyed by fire.

Sadly, all on board were killed.



The crew were:



 AO44484                   Captain                       LANDON  P.  TANNER                  Pilot


 AO725371                 Captain                       HARRY  A. STROUD                    Co-Pilot


 AF13015734               T/ Sgt.                       RALPH  W.  FIELDS                     Engineer


 AF14067868            Sergeant                      CHARLES  R. WILBANKS             Navigator


 AF33736380               S/ Sgt.                       GENE  A.  GARTNER                   Radio Operator


 AF34056859               S/ Sgt.                       DAVID  D. MOORE                       Radar Operator


 AF14243965               T/ Sgt.                       SAUL  R. BANKS                          Camera Crew


 AF15090583                Sgt.                          DONALD  R.  ABROGAST            Camera Crew


 AF6918518                S/ Sgt.                        ROBERT  I.  DOYLE                    Camera Crew


 AF17234997               PFC                          WILLIAM  M.  BURROWS             Camera Crew


 AF19263748            Corporal                      CLARENCE  M.  FRANSSEN        Passenger


 AF20822424            Corporal                      GEORGE  INGRAM  Jr                 Passenger


 AO737964                Captain                       HOWARD  E.  KEEL                     Acting Photographic Advisor





 This was our very first crash site visit, on 4th July 1998.


 The crash site is visible on Google Earth.

1999 - A 1999 - B

The first signs of the aircraft,  an oil cooler and oil header tanks.


The memorial to the 13 crew is visible in the distance.

Parts of the tail unit;  remains of the empennage and fin.