P-47C Thunderbolt


495th FTG

Crashed 03:10:1944

The aircraft, flown by 2/Lt Quentin J Sella, was on a formation flying training exercise with 3 other P-47s.  

Shortly after entering cloud, 2/Lt Sella became separated from the formation and lost control.  The aircraft dived into the ground at high speed off Easing Lane, Thorncliffe, near Leek.

It was discovered the pilot had attempted to abandon his aircraft, but was unable to do so, possibly due to the slipstream.

It was not possible to recover 2/Lt Sella's body, and he rests with his aircraft.




O-710189                   2nd Lieutenant                  Quentin J Sella    USAAF        (Pilot )                                Aged ?

G-OBME Crash Site

Memorial at the crash site.  

The details on the memorial (photo taken on 2nd January 2006) are incorrect.

This has since been altered, see below.

The memorial, now with corrected details.

Photo taken 29th June 2008.

Close-up of  the large part  that appears in Photo #1.

This has now disappeared from the site.

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Crash site & Memorial.