N.A. Mitchell  Mk.II


13 O.T.U.

Crashed 24:07:44


The aircraft, belonging to 13 Operational Training Unit based at Finmere had taken off from base at 0125 for a cross-country training exercise.  At 0230, the aircraft dived into the ground and exploded off Hallams Lane, Chilwell.

Such was the destruction of the aircraft, it was not possible to determine the exact reason for the accident, or initially how many persons were on board.

It was later revealed that the pilot had been suffering from a grumbling appendix and this was cited as being a "contributory" cause, with structural failure of the airframe being "most likely".



The crew were:


430040      Flying Officer        A M   MONTGOMERY            RAAF                   Pilot                      Aged 23


423264      Flying Officer        R F   STEPHENS                   RAAF               Navigator                  Aged 25


414907    Warrant Officer       A A   COOK                           RAAF         Wireless Operator          Aged 22


224413        Sergeant             N A   HARTRICK                   RCAF               Air Gunner                Aged 20




Flying Officers Montgomery and Stephens were taken for burial at Oxford (Botley) Cemetery, while Sergeant Hartrick is at rest in Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery.

Warrant Officer Cook is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.


The aircraft was originally serialled 42-87140.

Grave of  Flying Officer Alan Martin Montgomery at Oxford (Botley) Cemetery.


Image Copyright: Alan L Clark

Flying Officer  Ronald Frederick Stephens' grave at Oxford (Botley) Cemetery.


Image Copyright: Alan L Clark

FV986 Montgomery FV986 Stephens

Unfortunately, due to post-war housing development, it is no longer possible to positively identify the actual crash site.


Thanks to Alan L Clark and Tony Glover for the additional information on this incident.