Miles Master Mk. II


16 (P) F.T.S.

Crashed 09:06:44


The aircraft, belonging to 16 (Polish) Flying Training School had taken-off from RAF Newton for general flying practise.  At 17:00, whilst performng unauthorised aerobatics over Nottingham, the pilot lost control, and the aircraft spun and crashed, burying itself 10 feet deep into Nuthall Road, Whitemoor, Nottingham.

Sadly, both occupants were killed.


The crew were:



P.704883                  AC.2                          Boleslaw      GREJCIUN                     u/t Pilot                            Aged 20


P.704945                  AC.2                          Zbigniew   PULNAROWICZ           "Safety" Pilot                         Aged 22




Both airmen were laid to rest in the Polish plot at Newark-on-Trent Cemetery.



There is a discrepancy over the actual time of the crash; the Form 1180 for the aircraft states 17:30, while the Operations Record Book for 16 (P)F.T.S. gives the time as 17:00.




The crash site on Nuthall Road.


The actual site is slightly to the left of the tree in the centre of the image.

DL890 - A

A more detailed account of the accident can be found in Nottinghamshire Air Crashes by David Needham.

(Landmark Publishing 2008)