Gloster Meteor F.8

VZ518 & WA971

66 Squadron  

Crashed 12:04:51

The two aircraft were part of a flight of four aircraft which had taken off from Linton-on-Ouse on a training exercise, where the two pairs were to make mock attacks on each other.  However, the weather was deemed unsuitable for the exercise, and the decision was taken to return to base.

Unfortunately, during the return leg, and possibly whilst descending, it seems Flying Officer Leach mis-identified Leeds ( most likely Sheffield ).

A short while later, an attempt was made to contact the pair but without success.  A search was conducted, and wreckage was spotted later the same day, spread over approximately half a mile.

The aircraft had flown into high ground on Sliddens Moss, about three miles from the Holme Moss TV transmitter.  Sadly, both pilots were killed.



The crew were:



  Flight Lieutenant          DAVID MERRYWEATHER LEACH             Pilot ,  WA971


 Flying Officer               TONY HAUXWELL                                      Pilot ,  VZ518




Meteors -Small1 Meteors - Small2 Meteors - Small3

Myself examining one of the tail units.

One of the many collections of wreckage.

One of the main undercarriage legs.