Avro Lancaster Mk. III


1661 H.C.U.

Crashed 15:04:45


The aircraft belonging to 1661 Heavy Conversion Unit took off from Winthorpe at 20:20 for a night navigation exercise. At 00:25, the aircraft flew into Oxton Hill, close to Hall Farm, and astride the Oxton - Southwell road.  This crew had flown a similar exercise shortly before this one; therefore fatigue may have been a contributary factor in the accident.




The crew were:


1006035   Sergeant             G A  MARTIN               Pilot                                 Aged 27     (Injured)  


1393077   Flight Sergeant   F E HEARN                  Flight Engineer                Aged 21     (Injured)


1678403   Sergeant             P J  FROGGATT         Navigator                         Aged 20     (Killed)


647200     Flight Sergeant   E A  CRUTCHFIELD    Bomb Aimer                      Aged 23    (Killed)


1899005   Sergeant             P A  DOGGETT          Wireless Operator            Aged 21     (Killed)


1236970   Sergeant             E D  DASH                  Air Gunner                        Aged ?      (Injured)


939102     Sergeant             S C  BOILING *           Air Gunner                        Aged ?      (Injured)



 Sadly,  Sergeant Martin died of his injuries on the 28th April.


* In some sources, this airman's name is spelt ' BOWRING ' .

PB213 002 Hearn Frank Edward RAF Aircrew

Crash site of Lancaster PB213; the aircraft slid across the field (travelling from left to right) breaking up as it went.

The main burn area is just visible in the centre of the nearest field, appearing slightly lighter in colour.  The gap in the trees was caused by debris from the Lancaster.

Frank Edward Hearn, possibly taken at an early stage in his training.

(Image copyright:  Mr Colin Hearn )

PB213 Froggatt

Sergeant  Peter John Froggatt's grave at Oxford (Botley) Cemetery.

(Image copyright:  Alan L Clark)