Junkers Ju.88

6213   F1+AD


Crashed 08:05:41


The aircraft was part of a large force of Luftwaffe bombers sent to attack Liverpool.  After dropping its bombload and turning for base, the Junkers was hit by gunfire from a nightfighter and damaged.  The order to abandon was given, but before anyone could comply, the aircraft crashed at 0100 on The Roaches.  There were no survivors.


The crew were:



Major                        D H  von ZIEHLBERG                             Pilot                   Aged ?


Oberleutnant            W  LEMKE                                          Observer               Aged ?


Oberfeldwebel         R  SCHWALBE                               Radio Operator          Aged ?


Feldwebel                G  MAHL                                              Gunner                 Aged ?




The very small remains of 6213 on The Roaches.

The photo shows collected wreckage, which mainly consists of aluminium slag.  

Ju88 - 6213s