Hawker Hunter T.7

G-BTYL  (XL595)

Crashed 11:06:93


The aircraft  was on its way to an airshow, when it flew into a thunderstorm over the Dark Peak region of Derbyshire.  The Hunter dived into the ground  (possibly after being struck by lightning),  killing the pilot instantly.  Such was the force of the impact that it proved impossible to recover Mr Cubitt's body, and he rests with his aircraft.


Therefore,  I have omitted any references to the crash site location.




 Pilot :       Mr.   Wallace Cubitt

XL595 - Small1

The impact crater of G-BTYL.  

The white "specks" around the rim of the crater are parts of the aircraft .

XL595 - Small2 XL595 - Small3

Some of the wreckage has been gathered into "collections", such as this one...

...and this one.