Handley Page Halifax III

MZ519   LK-U

578 Squadron

Crashed 06:07:44


The aircraft  was returning from a mission to attack the V-1 launch sites at Croixdalle. The aircraft had been damaged by anti-aircraft fire over the target, it was reported by eyewitnesses to be on fire as it passed over Nottingham. Possibly, the pilot tried to extinguish the fire in his starboard outer engine by putting MZ519 into a dive; unfortunately this caused the weakened wing to break away, the aircraft crashing  just South of the village of Farnsfield, near Newark.  Sadly, all on board were killed.



The crew were:


177439      Pilot Officer            R PARFITT            Pilot                                               Aged 22


152501      Flying Officer         B G TURNIDGE      Navigator                                      Aged 24


R/151252   Flight Sergeant     J J GODIN               Bomb Aimer                                  Aged 20


1645930    Sergeant               R A ROLPH             Flight Engineer                             Aged 23


1535267    Sergeant               T A HILL                  Air Gunner                                    Aged 21


2220239    Sergeant               L G LEATHAM         Air Gunner                                    Aged 20


1621271    Sergeant               T F PITTS                Wireless Operator                        Aged 22



 The aircraft has a very detailed and informative website dedicated to it, this can be found here


The 578 Squadron Association's website can be found here


There is also a new road in Farnsfield named after the pilot, Parfitt Drive.

MZ519 - B MZ519 - C MZ519 - A

The Memorial Stone,  a small copse and garden has been created on the crash site.

Memorial Stone.

The plaque at the junction of Parfitt Drive, Farnsfield.