Handley Page Halifax III

LK844  MH-M

51 Squadron

Crashed 14:11:44


The aircraft  was on a training flight from its base at Snaith in Yorkshire.

While flying in low cloud and rain, the aircraft went out of control (most likely due to severe icing) and broke up, crashing at 1730 near houses on Ballaclava Terrace, Tingley, Leeds.


Sadly, all on board were killed.





The crew were:


1466020                   Flight Sergeant                C W R MILLARD                            Pilot                          Aged 23


1604485                   Sergeant                          V T SPRAGG                                Navigator                  Aged 21


1551166                   Flight Sergeant                A F SIMPSON                                Bomb Aimer              Aged 28


3031120                  Sergeant                          W P KENDRICK                              Flight Engineer         Aged 19


1869457                  Sergeant                          A W PAYTON                                 Air Gunner                Aged 21


1802077                  Sergeant                         K E D SAINES                                 Air Gunner                Aged 30


1590143                  Sergeant                         J HILL                                             Wireless Operator    Aged 20



Recently the Yorkshire Evening Post ran this article on the crash; it also includes a slideshow.


LK844 Crash Site
LK844 - 01aa LK844 - 02b

Memorial stone;  the Halifax crashed on the extreme right  of the photo.


The crash site is now completely covered by housing.

In Memory.