Handley Page Halifax II

HR727   MH-V

51 Squadron

Crashed 05:10:43


The aircraft  was returning from a mission to attack Frankfurt. The aircraft had been attacked by a nightfighter over the target, damaging the port inner engine. Lost and low on fuel, the Halifax crashed on Blackden Edge in Derbyshire, killing four crew on impact.  The seriously-injured Flight Engineer died later at the scene.



The crew were:


658569              Sergeant               E H  FENNING            Pilot                                       Aged 24   (Killed)


R/117476      Warrant Officer II       J G F  FORTIN           Navigator                               Aged 25  (Killed)


                          Sergeant               V  GARLAND             Bomb Aimer                           Aged ?     (Injured)


1583419            Sergeant               E G  LANE                 Flight Engineer                      Aged 20   (DoI)


1535267            Sergeant               B K  SHORT              Air Gunner                             Aged 20   (Killed)


                          Sergeant               J  MACK                     Air Gunner                            Aged ?      (Injured)


1411892            Sergeant               F  SQUIBBS                Wireless Operator                Aged 18   (Killed)

HR727 001edit

Daryl contemplates the remains of HR727.

Photo taken 19:06:2000.

HR727 Fortin

 Warrant Officer II  Jean Gilbert Felix Fortin's grave  at Oxford (Botley) Cemetery.

 (Image copyright:  Alan L Clark)

EGLane 002a

Sergeant  Eric George Lane's  grave at Nottingham (General) Cemetery.