Boeing 737-400


British Midland Airways

( Flight No. BD 092 )

Crashed 08:01:89


The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from London - Belfast.  Shortly after take-off, and while climbing through 28,000 feet,  there was a vibration, accompanied by a smell of smoke.  A fan blade on the No. 1 (port) engine detached causing a compressor stall and vibration of the aircraft. The crew throttled back the No. 2 engine and the vibration stopped. Soon after the crew decided to shut down the No. 2 engine. While attempting to land, power was lost in the No. 1 engine, the aircraft stalled and crashed through trees and came to rest on the embankment of the M1 motorway, 3,000 ft. short of the runway. The crew mistakenly shut down the wrong engine, lost power in the disabled engine and was unable to maintain flight in the final approach.


Of the 126 souls on board, sadly, 47 passengers lost their lives.  


The AAIB accident report can be found here .

G-OBME Crash Site G-OBME - 01 G-OBME - 02 G-OBME - 07 G-OBME - 05

The Memorial Stone & garden.  

In Memory.

The crash site is now in mid-air, (marked by a white star) following the widening of the M1 motorway a few years ago.  

The spoil from the crash site was taken to Whatton Road Cemetery, Kegworth, and was used to create the garden in which the Memorial now stands.

Memorial Plaque on the Diseworth Road M1overbridge.