Bristol Blenheim Mk.I


17 O.T.U.

Crashed 04:03:42


The aircraft  had taken off from Upwood for an air test; while flying at 1000 feet in poor visibility, an engine cut due to a fault in the oil system.  The pilot managed to coax the crippled aircraft up to 3200 feet where he bailed out.  

Left to its own devices, the Blenheim crashed just to the North of Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire where it was consumed by fire.





613198        Sergeant       G D Jessup      Pilot       Aged ?     (OK)




The Court Of Inquiry stated that the weather at the time was unsuitable for the test, and that it should not have been carried out.


It is assumed Sergeant Jessup survived the war, as his name does not appear on the CWGC Register.

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L6804 001a

Crash site of L6804.    The impact crater is marked by the spade.