Fairey Battle Mk. I

L5499 BH-Y

300 Squadron

Crashed 13:10:40


The aircraft  was returning from a bombing mission to Boulogne.

On return, the presence of an enemy aircraft  caused its base (Swinderby) to be blacked-out.  It is believed that whilst attempting a forced landing in fog, the aircraft lost a wheel on touchdown. This resulted in loss of control, the aircraft running into trees at Watchwood Plantation, near Calverton.  

Sadly, all 3 crew were killed.


The crew were:



P.76605        Flying Officer                       Jan GEBICKI                                       Pilot                                    Aged 39


P.780113        Sergeant                        Eduard MORAWA                               Observer                               Aged 35


P.780231        Sergeant                       Tadeusz EGIERSKI               Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner             Aged 22



The crew were laid to rest at Nottingham (Wilford Hill) Cemetery.

L5499 - A

The Memorial to the crew at Watchwood Plantation, near Calverton.


The small brass plaque on the cross reads:


F/O - Pilot GEBICKI Jan,  Sgt - Obs MORAWA Eduard,  Sgt - a/g EGIERSKI Tadeusz

Perished for our and your freedom - 13 October 1940

300 Polish Squadron


The three crewmembers of L5499 are buried side by side at  Nottingham (Wilford Hill) Cemetery,

below are photographs of their graves.  

L5499 - Egierski L5499 - Gebicki L5499 - Morawa

Kapitan (Flying Officer)  Jan Gebicki.

Starszy Sierżant  (Flight Sergeant)  Eduard Morawa.

Kapral  (Corporal)  Tadeusz Egierski.