Fairey Battle Mk. I


18 OTU

Crashed 23:09:40


The aircraft, belonging to 18 Operational Training Unit at Hucknall was engaged in circuits and landings practice (circuits & bumps).  LAC Rozmiarak had successfully completed three such circuits; on his fourth, while in a left-hand climbing turn, the aircraft stalled and crashed onto a semi-detached council house on the corner of Ruffs Drive and Laughton Crescent, Hucknall.  

Sadly, in addition to the pilot, the occupants of one of the houses were also killed.

The occupants of the other house, the Smith family, were injured, as were an unnamed fireman and an airman from RAF Hucknall who went to assist.




LAC (Korporal)    E V   ROZMIAREK       Pilot



  Albert     EVANS     Civilian    (Aged 28)


  Alice       EVANS     Civilian   (Aged 30)


Ronald   EVANS     Civilian   (Aged 8)


Alice       EVANS     Civilian   (Aged 6)  


John       EVANS     Civilian   (Aged 2)




LAC Rozmiarek was the first Polish airman to lose his life in a Bomber Command OTU accident, while Mr Evans and his family were the first civilian casualties.

The crash site at the junction of Ruffs Drive and Laughton Avenue, Hucknall.

Korporal Edmund Rozmiarek's grave at Hucknall Cemetery.  

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