B-17G Flying Fortress


305th BG  364 BS

Crashed 22:02:44

The aircraft, named "Mi Amigo" was returning from operations to the airfield at Aalborg, Denmark.  While over the target, the Flying Fortress had been damaged by FLAK or fighters.

As the aircraft arrived over the City of Sheffield, the aircraft appeared to be descending, apparently looking for a place to land.  (According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft circled for a time). Suddenly, one of the engines failed, sending the B-17 crashing into a wooded hillside in Endcliffe Park, Eccleshall. The aircraft was completely destroyed by fire.

Sadly, all on board were killed.



The crew were:


   1/Lt.          JOHN  G  KRIEGSHAUSER                 Pilot


   2/Lt.          LYLE  J  CURTIS                                Co-Pilot


   2/Lt.          JOHN  W  HUMPHREY                        Navigator


   2/Lt.          MELCHOR  HERNANDEZ                   Bombardier


   S/Sgt.        HARRY  W  ESTABROOKS               Engineer/ Top Turret Gunner


   S/Sgt.        ROBERT  E  MAYFIELD                    Radio Operator


   Sgt.           CHARLES  H TUTTLE                       Ball-Turret Gunner


   M/Sgt.       GEORGE  M  WILLIAMS                    Left Waist Gunner


   Sgt.           VITO  R  AMBROSIO                         Right Waist Gunner


   Sgt.          MAURICE  D  ROBBINS                      Tail Gunner

42-31322 Crash Site
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Don standing on the crash site.  

This is where the tail unit came to rest; the tree to the left of Don is visible in newspaper photos taken at the time of the crash.

A close up of the Memorial Plaque.


"Lest We Forget."

The Memorial Stone in Endcliffe Park, Eccleshall, Sheffield.


A memorial service is held here on the Sunday closest to February 22nd.